A New Voice for Education in Prince George County!


VOTE Tuesday, November 5, 2019 - 6:00 am to 7:00 pm

District 1 includes these precincts (polling place):  Richard Bland (Richard Bland Barn Theater), Templeton (South Elementary), Union Branch (Union Branch Baptist Church), Rives (Walton Elementary), Harrison (Harrison Elementary)

New voters must register by Tuesday, October 15 - Absentee voting begins Friday, September 20

Contact the Registrar's Office - (804)722-8748 - 2nd Floor, County Administration Building, 6602 Courts Drive, 23875

CANDIDATE FORUMS:  Sun. Sept. 22, 2 to 5 pm, PG Regional Heritage Center & Sun. Oct. 13, 3 to 5 pm, Disputanta Community Center

Why I am running for School Board (again)...

Education is important for a strong, successful community.  Many people choose where to live based on the quality of the local schools.  Businesses look at educational opportunities and education levels of the workforce before locating in a certain area.

While all of the Prince George schools were accredited last year (CONGRATULATIONS!), I’m hearing concerns that lead me to believe that some of the needs of our diverse students, families, and employees are NOT being met.  The school division needs to do a better job of listening to its constituents, addressing their concerns, and promoting the positive things that are happening in our schools.  There should be more transparency about how the school division does business and better communication with employees, families, and the local community.


Important decisions – like policy changes and hiring senior staff – should not be made quickly and without the opportunity for input from the community or affected constituents.  No school division in Virginia can raise its own revenue (collect taxes) – funding comes from the local, state, and federal government.  The School Board and Board of Supervisors (and their staffs) need to have a good working relationship and communicate regularly.


Having worked and volunteered in the schools for several years, I have seen the great things that are happening AND some of the challenges facing the school division’s employees, students, families, and facilities.  I will speak up and stand up for what I believe in, and I like to solve problems.  I can get passionate about issues sometimes, but I am willing to work with others and listen to different points of view.  I believe in “management by walking around” (different than micro-management) and would visit school buildings, departments, and events to encourage open, two-way communication.


Everywhere I have lived I have gravitated toward leadership roles.  In various organizations since high school, I have held the titles of president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, or committee chair.  I have kept the books and created budgets, worked with many people from diverse backgrounds, conducted meetings, and spoken before groups large and small.


I would be honored to serve on the Prince George County School Board and represent the citizens in District 1.  Your vote can make a difference and help me become a new voice for education in our community!