Some of my thoughts...

The biggest issue is the need to address the school division’s aging infrastructure (Walton, Beazley, PGHS) and replace at least one elementary school as soon as possible.


Good decisions by a governing body are made after input from stakeholders and in public, not late at night or at a special meeting without being announced ahead of time.  [I have some concerns about the way the appointment of a new superintendent was handled, and I made some comments at the May 13, 2019 school board meeting about that process.  Click HERE for those remarks from the public comment part of the meeting.]


All documents that are distributed at school board meeting and all budget documents should be electronically posted on the school division website within a few days of the meeting.  They are public records that should be more easily accessible by the public.


During the last budget cycle, the Prince George County Board of Supervisor considered live streaming their regular meetings on the Internet.  While that proposal did not get funded, I think it was a great idea which would also allow the regular school board meetings to be live streamed, too.


The School Board should have some joint meetings and regular communication with the Board of Supervisors.  There should also be ongoing contact with folks in Richmond and Washington who also provide Prince George schools with funding.


Family and citizen involvement should be encouraged at all of the schools.  We need active PTOs or PTAs and organized ways for people to volunteer.


While there were many changes and improvements to the school bus transportation system this past school year, have the double backs and A/B runs gone away?  Is the system running at steady state using the latest technology?


The temperature in some rooms of some school buildings can be extreme, which creates uncomfortable and possibly even unhealthy working conditions.  New buildings should have enough HVAC zones, or even individual units in offices and classrooms, to make the buildings comfortable and energy efficient.  Older HVAC systems should be well maintained and fixed so fans don’t need to be run when it is cold outside and heaters don’t need to be run when it is warm outside.